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By the HashMob



The App is an integral part of the system which could incredibly enhance Mobile Presence of any individual or business while giving users a whole new experience on mobile browsing.


Hashing is just as easy as 1-2-3:


1.Hashing your online presence via website:


Anyone who wants to enhance his/her mobile presence with a trending hash can visit our website at and map and expressive Hash into an utility URL which directs users to a desired landing page (e.g.


2. Hashing your offline presence via hotspot broadcasting:


To make the best out of the hash you've just registered online, we would urge you to modify the SSID of your WiFi hotspot into a special format such as in the following examples: #Show_Me_The_Money, and please notice that hashes are always case sensitive and have to be exactly the same, on the website and on your WiFi hardware.


3. Hashing with the app:


When it's in use, app sniffs out and lists all hot hashes near you, and with just a single click, you will land yourself on the mobile website associated with the hash that entices you. Worth to mention though, app is not a connectivity tool (yet) but rather a browsing assistant providing you with proximity leads for a highly mobile life style.