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There is more to WiFi than you really know!

There is more to Wi-Fi than you really know!

So, everyone has a Wi-Fi hotspot at home or at hand in his/her smartphone.


Do you know that there is a hidden power in your Wi-Fi hotspot that can potentially change your future in terms of your mobile presence? And benefit you for both your personal and business potential?


It’s not black magic that we are talking about, you only need to change the SSID of your hotspot, and the game is on for you.


Every hotspot has its own SSID, which is its name. You can check the number of Wi-Fi hotspots surrounding you as well as their SSID names from your laptop, tablet, or smart phone, and most of the SSIDs show up today would be dull, uninteresting and not so impressive, Right?


We suggest replacing the ordinary SSID with a hash tag that can best express yourself which can also serve as a link to a web page at the same time. The webpage could be your profile in a social network, your company website, an advertisement, a video clip, or just a link which you would like to share not only with friends but also with audiances who are within your #broadcasting range.


All you need is to register on the website by creating your unique hash tag, and change the SSID of your Wi-Fi hotspot. Then your new “hashed” SSID will be recognized by a free App called “” which is available for download from the Google Play Store.


Attention, please! You don’t need to open up your Wi-Fi hotspot for public access in order to benefit from the ecosystem. You only transform the name of your hotspot into a hash tag, nothing else on your hotspot need to be changed.


Hash your hotspot, join us today, you and your business might be the next talk of the town in just a matter of days.

How to create a Tag?